SamoraLife: Pray, Love, Meditate by Samora Suber

SamoraLife: Pray, Love, Meditate

SamoraLife: Pray, Love, Meditate

Pray, Love, Meditate

'Pray, Love, Meditate' is a guided meditative experience designed for anyone wanting to take their meditation practice deeper. Four tracks for relaxation, self-love, freedom, and relationships.

What's included?

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SamoraLife Pray Love
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You are the Most Important Person in the World!

Get self-care tools that break down frustration, fear, and insecurities so you can finally stop doubting yourself and start BEING and DOING what you love.          
 (because YOU are important!)


I'm a beginner, would this help me?

Absolutely! This meditation album was designed specifically for you. Find a quiet space and relax, press play, and meditate!

Why should I meditate?

Overall, meditation increases your overall mental, spiritual and physical health. It increases focus and decreases stress.

I have a blog with more reasons to meditate here: