You are the Most Important Person in the World!

Get self-care tools that break down frustration, fear, and insecurities so you can finally stop doubting yourself and start BEING and DOING what you love.          
 (because YOU are important!)

Make Your Mornings Magic!

Mornings can also be tough. Rolling out of bed, wanting to sleep a little more, a million things to do, phone ringing and time seems to be moving faster than you can. But, mornings also set the tone for the rest of the day. So being mindful of how you begin each day can result in bringing more awareness to how you spend your time and energy moving forward. ​ Morning motivation is all about aligning your mind, body, spirit, and soul to set a clear intention for your day, increasing your focus, energy, and productivity. It's exactly how it sounds...its MOTIVATION (and it's FREE!).
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Love Yourself First!

Sometimes you have to slow down in order to speed up. With life pulling you in so many directions 24/7, it can be difficult to carve out quality time for yourself. When there's no time for self, you begin to lose the clarity, connection, and confidence that aligns you with your higher purpose and power.  Love Yourself First is a five week self-paced course that helps you improve your confidence, focus, and self-worth. Next group starts on January 6th, 2019! For the next 5 weeks, you will SLOW DOWN and bring awareness to the key areas in your life: Home, Health, Finances, Relationships, Spirit, Work/Service.  You will focus on ONE area that needs love and attention.  ​ As we work together to enhance the life area of your choice, you will also gain: Clarity about Life Priorities A Daily Morning Practice Time Management Skills Weekly Self-Love Challenges An 80-Page Workbook Recommended Reading Self-Care Practices Increased Focus and Passion Expectancy for Positive Change in Every Area of Life A Community of Supportive Women- Just Like You!  ​​ If you're ready to experience your life in a magical way, giving yourself the love you deserve while gaining the support and tools to ensure you succeed... then this course was designed just for YOU! Testimonials: Samora helped me in becoming my full purposeful self. She showed me how to make my mental, spiritual and physical health a priority and gave me resources to elevate my awareness of who I am and who I want to become. -Shanay P., NYC I LOVED this course! It came right on time when my life was ready to receive it. I can honestly say with everything that was happening in my life, this course was a great foundation to keep me grounded. -Sharon PL., LA I recommend this course for anyone who feels lonely or confused about their next steps in life. Having a simple, supportive and informative guide on how to best create time for myself has been life changing. -Natalie H., SF
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SamoraLife: Pray, Love, Meditate

Five guided meditations and affirmations to help you expand your heart, mind and breath for deeper love, centeredness, healing, and relaxation. Includes: - Intro to Meditation - Affirmation for Freedom - Affirmation for Love - Affirmation for Relationships - Meditation for LovingKindness Perfect for self-love, practicing mindfulness and new meditators! Easy to download and keep on your phone or computer for immediate access. Enjoy!
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